Office bearers & Governance

Office bearer Name


Sri. Muppalaneni Seshagiri Rao

Sri.Paladugu Papa Rao

Sri.Burle Venkata SivaRama Krishna

Sri. Manam Nageswara Rao

Jt.Secretary & Correspandent
Sri.Panguluri Bhavanarayana Chowdary

Sri. Chandrapati Venkaiah

Our distinguished office bearers are

The college is especially lucky regarding the commitment of the management. The management members are imbued with a spirit of selfless service and believe in the principle of Academic autonomy. Transparency of all financial transactions is strictly adhered and all payments and receipts are through DDs and Cheques only. The Management obtains objective feedback about all aspects of the college and suitably advises and motivates employees in a discrete manner. The constructional works are personally supervised by the management not entrusted to contractors. Good quality materials are negotiated at best price personally by the management. College buildings are constructed by the management at about 50% of the cost of the approved Scheduled Rates (SR) of the State Govt. without compromising the quality. As a mark of commitment to good management, rules and regulations are applied with justice and fair play.